Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The US Dream

 I genuinly don't remember what I thought when I named my blog "The US Dream". Its an old phrase and had been used for a variety of purposes. For me, perhaps it's the dream of a traveller to see another part of the world, a country that we always talk about so much about. It may also be the dream of finding a home away from home. USA has always been the land of opportunities, acountry made entirely of emmigrants. How many native Americans still live in this country? Most Americans have their ancestors coming from a different land. Its a strange country full of stories of adventures and a wide variety of geographical features. Mountains at the top, oceans at the bottom, desert in the West, America reminds me of my own country, India.

When I first came here, I was rather disappointed. Cars seemed to be the only mode of transport. And buying one car was what we could manage. So there was no option left for me but to sit at home or walk inside the community. I could not go to a shop alone, neither could I explore new places of the town. Most roads don't even have footpaths beside them.

Now that I have been living here for a while, I have found that life is not so bad after all. I have hadmore time to spend on the net and have started writing on a number of websites. I have found that the Evansville public library is an excellent place from where I can lend books and DVDs.I used to take my child to the classes for preschoolers there. Now, however, she is going to a preschool and I wait at the library at that time, using the free net, reading and surfing through the books. I have also found that there is a public bus network which I use to bring my child back from school. There is also a supermarket within walking distance from my house. I am walking more which is good for my health. I am reading more which again is good for my health. I often felt so lonely in Switzerland without new books to read. And I am also driving more and better. I drive while taking my child to school. I also drive when Chiradeep is off to Mexico.

I particularly love to write at these websites. This has given me a chance to do what I do best and love most. I do not know about the dream and how long it is to last. But I am quite satisfied with my condition now. We have also been travelling and went to quite a few places.Last week we haev been to Chicago and had a quite good time there. I will be writing about the places I visited nn the US in my next posts. We have also planned to go to Niagara and are making arrangements now. And people who know me knows how tarvel makes me happy. Hoping that the tornadoes this week would not be severe and I would be able to share more travel stories in the months to come.

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