Saturday, 30 October 2010

Its a JUST world.

It is the country of Liberty,of Freedom of Speech,the largest Democracy of the world.
That's true.
What I have felt about the American people is that they are very open to criticism and very liberal .They allow all sorts of opinions to express themselves.They believe so much in Justice and freedom of speech that they will give away a pound of flesh if shylock claims justly.This is my impression of the American people when I am living here,not of America as a nation as I saw it from outside.
Yesterday ,I read a news that a Brazilian court has ordered McDonald's to pay a former franchise manager $US17,500 ($18,000) because he gained 29kg while working there for 12 years.
The fat man sued McDonald as he had to taste sample food as part of his job there and was offered free lunch as part of his compensation.
So the employer(here Mc) pays the employee salary plus free lunch plus a chance to sample its products and then takes the blame of being responsible for his extra pounds and pays him again!!

Viva la Justice!!

Hope the same employee wouldnt sue Mc again for paying him this fat amount and making him fat thereby!!

(However,the aforementioned case is not in US but in Brazil;but it seems so ours that we often don't notice.)
These fast food chains are always blaimed here for making people obese.
But frankly tell me do you think they are responsible?Restaurants and fast foods will serve what they want to.Its for us to decide what to eat and what not.And one burger at Mc cant make you fat.Its your life style and failure to recognise the risk at the right moment that makes you obese.
We wont buy vegetables.We wont eat a balanced diet.We wont exercise.We will not cook at home.
We will make French fries and chips our daily diet.And we have the fast food joints to blame when they serve them according to our order!!
What a convenient system!!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Th US Dream!!!

Th US Dream!!!

Big is Beautiful!!

Everything here in US seems so big!!The country is big.The shopping malls are enormous(compared to European standards).The foods and groceries are available in enormous packages.
1 Gallon is the standard size of milk.In Europe 1litre is the standard size(1 litres = 0.264172052 US gallons).
I buy 15 pound bag of extra large potatoes.I have to cut them into halves and use 1 half in a standard curry for two.
Onions are often the size of medium size cabbages. Vegetable oil spreads, as they call the margarine here are sold in buckets.At least that's how it seems to me.I am used to small packs of them.
However,this system of things suit me great.I am buying a crate of 90 eggs, and big buckets of margarine in lesser price.Yes often that big bucket of Margarine is the same price as a small pack in Vevey.
Yeah,that's cheap and if wisely used it can lessen living costs a lot.
But does America spend so wisely?
I think,there are two negative aspects of these big buckets of ice creams and larger than life size packets of potatoes and chocolates and everything.
1)people eat more than is healthy(leading to obesity)
2)people waste more than they ought to(leading to poverty!!yes here in US)
-According to a 2004 study from the University of Arizona (UA) in Tucson, on average, American households waste 14 percent of their food purchases.
Official surveys indicate that every year more than 350 billion pounds of edible food is available for human consumption in the United States. Of that total, nearly 100 billion pounds - including fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, and grain products - are lost to waste by retailers, restaurants, and consumers.

Isn't this obvious?
Here,where everything is so BIG,wastage must be Big too.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Its a different World

So now I am in US! Life here is so different from Europe or Asia! Public Transport system is virtually nonexistent. Oh! I miss the beautiful Swiss trams, trolley buses and certainly the trains.
People are always in their cars. I have seen people moving in a cemetery in cars...Why they never seem to walk!!
And there are so many obese people here!!People even take motor trolleys in shopping malls to avoid walking.
Being an Indian and living in European countries for so many years, I have always loved to walk. In Switzerland even old people are going hiking and they look so fit in spite of their age.
In my own country, the young and the poor are always ready to walk. The old and well to do Indians try to avoid walking. But here in US the children's parks are empty. The footpaths are empty. And everyone is either inside their rooms or cars.
In the housing community I live in,there are three children's parks with slides and swings. My husband chose this housing specifically for those parks since he didn’t find those facilities in most of the neighborhoods where he searched for an apartment. Still these parks are most often empty. My little daughter is often the only child playing.
But there are so many children in the neighborhood! Yet they are nowhere to be found.
That day my girl was riding the slide and I saw a car stop by the park. A lady came out, took out her kid, and took out his little tricycle. I told my daughter “There’s a friend. He will be coming here to play".
The lady started taking her groceries to her house and when she finished, it was time up. The child had to go in with his mother.
No wonder there are so many obese people in this country.