Thursday, 25 November 2010

My First Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgivings Day in US.I really like this idea of thanking God for all that he has given us every year on a specific day. Last year this time I was in Switzerland.There you don't have Thanksgiving day celebrated in this way.Though you will find a turkey or two if you search the Swiss supermarkets , we have never seen any extra interest in people about these strange birds.
I really like this excitement about these old tradition and the way these people are mingling it into their own culture. People have been decorating their house with pumpkins,ghosts,witches and cobwebs for a month before Halloween.I have seen this custom of halloween in Europe;there also sweets are collected by children  wearing dresses. But the excitement with the custom seemed more here.Most of the houses in our community were decorated with these ghosts and pumpkins.I didn't see this anywhere else that we lived.And I really liked that.And almost one or two day after halloween people started decorating there houses with santa and wreaths.And almost all houses are religiously following this trend.If someone comes to this place for the first time from a different culture,he or she is sure to know that very moment that Halloween or Christmas is near.
Another thing that I really like about USA is the way shops remain open here till late hours and even on Sundays.In Europe,Sundays are really dull.All shops are closed and often the whole town seems to be sleeping with almost everyone inside their houses.And if there is a holiday then it is also a holiday for all shops and everything is closed.
Today,I went out inspite of the bad weather and for the first time saw most of the malls and supermarkets and shops closed. But I thought that was quite o.k.They are going to open the shops early morning tomorrow or even today night.
Perhaps I shall not really participate in the shopping madness that  takes place here on Black Friday.But I shall participate in this Thanksgiving by thanking this country.
Thanks that you keep your shops open till late so that I can go to shops after my husband comes home in the evening.
Thanks that you have such a nice public libraries here( Vanderburgh Public Library).The Vanderburgh Library has so many branches and there is no membership cost.They lend you 100 books and 5 dvds  and also offers such nice classes for children.I just love the library. Thanks again.
I can say thanks for a lot more things.I love the tranquility of my community.I love the AC that  I found installed when I first entered my apartment.I have paid a lot more for smaller apartments in Europe which have heating but no cooling.The duplex that I live in is something I really love.Thanks that I found this house.
I also will want to thank for the car we have bought.It is just what I wanted and just the price I was ready to pay.
I love my life here.What I have written about the worse side of things is not the whole truth.That was just my first reaction to the cultural shock that I had after coming here.
I still have hundreds of problems but today the mood is set for Thanksgiving!!

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